Full Dog grooming

Dog bathing

Small animal bathing

Nail trimming

De tangling

​De matting

Professional Dog and small animal Groomer

Pawsitive Grooming

Prices are for a full groom.  This includes nail trimming, minimal ear plucking, pre-groom, sanitary area, paw pad trim, bath, dry and style.​​

All SPANIELS                                     From £35

All TERRIERS                                      From £25     (hand stripping available, please ask for a quote)


Toy                                                       From £35

​Miniature                                         From £40

Standard                                           From £50

SCHNAUZER                                 (hand stripping available, please ask for a quote) 

​Miniature                                         From £35

​Standard                                           From £40

Giant                                                   From £47

Other Breeds

Bichon Frise         From  £35.                   Cockerpoo         From £35 .                Labradoodle           From £45.               Maltese                  From £35

Lhas apso               From  £35.                   Jackapoo             From  £30 .

Bath and de-shed

Collie (short haired) from £35               (long haired) from £40

German Shepherd     From £45

Labrador     From £30

Terrier  (short haired) from £20           (long haired) from £25

Nails only From £6                                           Moisturising Pawdicure: includes a natural paw balm treatment  £10

PUPPY INTRO GROOMING (age dependant) Includes: Bath, dry nails, sanitary area, eye cleanse, paw pad trim.

SMALL ANIMALS such as Rabbits, Ferrets and Guinea Pigs etc...  From  £8     (includes bath dry and nail trim)   Nails onlyfrom £3

Please give us a call if you can't find your best friends breed on here and we'll discuss you and your Dogs needs and advise a price.

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